Who we are

This is a love letter to our favorite social platforms.

At Carrot, we work with social media everyday to help brands create meaningful connections and engagement with their audiences. The social media landscape is vast and in some regards complex, and the paths of connectivity between platforms, users, and their interactions can be intimidating to both users and clients alike. We aim to clarify and understand these platforms better, and to do so we've landed on a way to delve deeper by taking a step back. From a bird's eye-view of how content is created and consumed, shared and interacted with, we've come up with a unique way to share this perspective. Because we think this project is so innovative, we made sure the technology behind how we're presenting it is innovative as well.

So without further ado, we are proud to introduce Platlas (beta), the first ever Social Platform Atlas.

What is Platlas?

Platlas is designed to help you better understand your social networks. Our goal with this project is to introduce a new and interactive perspective to the variety of actions users take on their social platforms. To better educate users and companies alike, we've created the first ever social network ecosystem exploration tool.

We made sure to build Platlas with the most advanced and flexible technologies, using a mix of javascript, SVG (scalable vector graphics), a sprinkle of pixie dust, and a whole lot of math. Since no flash was used in the development of this page, we get much quicker load times, no plugin dependencies, and compatibility with mobile devices while maintaining the capability to create a highly interactive data display.

Social platforms change every day, and by tracking versions as they develop we hope to capture the nature of how these platforms evolve over time. On this note, the current version of platlas may not be 100% accurate to the platform as you experience it. However, we will make it our goal to keep Platlas as up to date as possible so that it may continue to serve as a valuable resource.

The Facebook Platlas

As Facebook preferred developers, their platform has become one of our core specialties and an obvious choice to launch our concept from. Facebook is currently the largest social network in the world and has a vast infrastructure. The amount of content shared within it and the sheer volume of potential connections can be overwhelming when you begin to dissect it. Starting from a user's profile in the center of the circle and moving outwards this interactive guide illustrates the hierarchy of Facebook user actions from the perspective of content creation and interaction.

The icons represent features of Facebook where users interact, and the colorful dots represent ways in users can interact with these areas.

The dots (denoted as edges) that are present on the inner ring of the circle apply to all of the wedges present in the outer ring. So for example under the share action, users are able to like, comment or tag pages, status updates, links, pictures, videos and questions.

Interactions showcased here assume that privacy settings have not been restricted by the user.

Future versions of the Facebook Platlas

An object in motion stays in motion... and right now Facebook is flying at ludicrous speed.

As mentioned, this version of the Facebook Platlas you are viewing is NOT up to date. This is just a beginning. Very soon in the future we plan to introduce a version that is from the perspective of a Facebook page. We hope to be fluid in updating to reflect Facebook's changes as they continue to innovate their platform, and so that this remains a relevant and useful resource.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy.