The Big F8 Rundown

There have been many updates to Facebook over recent weeks, many of which have yet to be reflected in the Facebook Platlas. Below we’ve outlined the major changes and their implications on the future of Platlas.

This is not so much a new feature, but rather a complete revamp and enhancement of the Facebook profile. It’s purpose is to tell the story of the user’s life, as they exist and communicate through content sharing on Facebook. Recent history on the Timeline showcases a broader range and quantity of items. Older points on the Timeline begin to feature less items the farther back the exploration goes, effectively displaying a less, but more important content. Users can influence what content is and is not shown at all points.
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Introducing Platlas, The Social Platform Atlas

Platlas is designed to help you better understand your social networks. Our goal with this project is to introduce a visual perspective on social networks, breaking down the variety of actions that occur and to better educate users and companies alike with the first ever social network ecosystem exploration tool. You can read more about Platlas on our about section.

What you’ll discover here is an incomplete version of Platlas. We plan to roll out our next version with the perspective of a Facebook Page. We also intend to add features such as commenting, to promote community discussion and facilitate feedback and ideas for our future releases. Read More